We provide training for organisations and individuals to help identify and prioritise communication and contact evidentially linked to unwanted safety and welfare outcomes. This is particularly important where digital public engagement or the management of complaint and grievance is part of core business.


We assess the risk of escalation, disruption, persistence and violence, providing evidence-based management guidance in a particular case.  This is of particular use for the legal and security risk management advisers of individuals and brands in the public-eye.  We also assist with case management, where for reasons of privacy or capability it helps our clients that we do so.


We provide advice on offline and online abuse, intrusion and threat, at or as close as possible to the point of receipt.  This ‘help-desk’ style service provides reassurance on what has been received, why, any associated risks and guides response.  This is of particular use in the talent management sector, where focus and peace of mind are key to protecting performance.